A gap appears in Elias's mouth

  • Posted on: 9 July 2011
  • By: randy

Back in the middle of May, while I was traveling in Colombia, Elias lost his first tooth. And, in point of fact, the tooth was lost. Yes, the tooth fairy left him a gift, but she did not take the tooth because the tooth was no longer available. Its location remains a mystery to this day.

Because I was out of the country when the tooth started to become all wiggly, and it came out rather quickly after that, I wondered how often I would miss out on some milestones. For example, I missed Bennett's first steps. I enjoy sharing in these types of experiences with the children, even if they don't remember if I was present or not. I do know I cannot be around for every milestone, no matter how large or small. I will continue to do my best to be around, and be disappointed when I'm traveling and miss out.