Late night/early morning ramblings

  • Posted on: 29 March 2009
  • By: karis

Both kids are sleeping right now, and for some reason I am not. Given that, it's time to blog. I have a friend who has three kids, recently moved across the country and still finds time to blog fairly regularly. Thanks to Boston Andrea for inspiration/kick in the pants/call it what you will.


I find that these very early morning times of no sleep allow me to think and dream and pray. I have very clear moments when no one else is awake. All the things I want to be more disciplined about surface to the top of my muddled brain, and I feel the need to make lists and schedules. Then I start to feel overwhelmed by the reality of who I am, how I can rarely stick to a regimen of any kind for more than a week or so, end up tossing the ideas of structure in favor of prayers for mercy and grace. None the less, I will put idea to paper and write my list of things I want to be better about.


-I would like to journal about my kids more so that one day I can give them some tangible stories of who they were and are.

-I would like to make soup once a week and have it for lunches every day.

-I would like to have an early morning walking habit where I head over the hill to see the beautiful view of Lake Washington every day.

-I would like to blog more regularly for myself, and for those people in my life who love me enough to read about my family.

-I would like to practice music.

-I would like to find ways to serve the poor.

-I would like to make time for good conversations.


There's always more to add, but this list seems like something I can work on for now. What's on your list?