The orange tree outside my window

  • Posted on: 22 October 2012
  • By: karis

It's a cloudy fall morning. The kind of morning where you want to be in a blanket, with a warm beverage and read all day. Not in the cards for me, but I did come back home after dropping the kids off at school to make my own lunch for the day, and to put my contacts in (neglected on account of the mad rush to leave the house.) Reflecting on the first half hour of the day, I am smiling as the kids were concerned when I told them I was driving without my contacts. I assured them that I could see just fine, it was the details that were a little fuzzy. As of this moment, I still don't have contacts in or lunch made. Rather, I chose to warm up yesterday's coffee and read some scripture at the table, and stare at this beautiful tree. The tree is striking even without the visual enhancement my corrective lenses would bring. Bright orange leaves, and in the distance another tree peaking through throwing some yellow and green into the mix. I would take a picture if only the battery on my camera were charged. Then again, I think this tree is not to be captured for all time. I think it is just for this moment, this little bit of sanctuary.

It is good to pause, be still, read something good and look outside. Wishing us more of these snatches of time.