Paper Airplanes

  • Posted on: 3 April 2009
  • By: karis

As the sister of two airplane enthusiast brothers (goaded on by my father who could look at a dot in the sky and declare make/model), you'd think I would have learned the art of paper airplane construction. I confess that I was never very talented in that arena, despite the fact that both of my brothers were constantly creating these beautiful aerodynamic paper constructions. Hisctorically, I tried a few times, could only make the most basic model and decided not to subject myself to such sibling humiliation again. Let's just say that I was probably in my room, hand raised in the air singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya..." when these lessons were going on. I don't regret it, because I give lots of credit to "Annie" for my singing skills and because these opportunities come back around. Now I have a son who seems to have inherited the fly-boy dreams. In the past 3 days, I have begun my post-baccelaureate training in paper airplane engineering. Randy checked out some paper airplane making books from the library and every day during "quiet" time (I use the term loosely) with Elias, I try to help make a few new models with him. To my great surprise, I am totally hooked! (Today I am blogging about it because we had to confiscate the airplane books for 2 days due to brotherly violence. I think I regret the lack of books more than Elias.) I get into this oragami groove and find great joy in producing a "hawk dart" or "tri plane." And I don't mind saying, I think I have great potential. So, Kyle and Kaleb, better late than never. Your sister is throwing down the gauntlet.